Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the minimum requirements to run the Auction Website? 
  2. Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome browser.

  1. If there are issues with the Website who do I contact? 
  2. Please email us

  1. When does the Auction end?
  2. The auction period for Goods is completed upon the acceptance and declaration by K&S Auctions of the highest bid, whether by expiry of the bidding period nominated by K&S Auctions or otherwise by fall of hammer (“Auction Close”).

  1. Can I cancel my bid? 
  2. Each bid constitutes an irrevocable offer by the bidder to purchase the Goods at the specified bid price. Once a bid is made, it cannot be revoked and remains open for acceptance by K&S Auctions until the sale is completed.

  1. When is GST applied?  
  2. All auction bid prices are GST inclusive.

  1. Is there a timeout on my session, once I login?
  2. Session will timeout if user idles (user staying on the same page) for 20 minutes.

  1. What happens with system maintenance and upgrades to the Website? 
  2. K&S Auctions may from time to time suspend the provision of the online auction and sale system for any reason including (without limitation) for the conduct of routine system maintenance and upgrades. Where possible, K&S Auctions will provide prior notice to you (including via email or by notification published on the K&S Auctions website) of the anticipated time and duration of any suspension of the online auction and sale system, but does not warrant or represent that it will do so on every occasion or on any occasion at all.

  1. Is there a Cooling off Period?
  2. No cooling off period applies where the Buyer participates in an online auction. The Buyer is entitled to a two clear business days cooling off period where the Buyer elects to purchase Goods using the ‘Purchase Now’ option on the K&S Auctions will refund to the Buyer any deposit paid by the Buyer less:
    • 2% of the purchase price for the Goods; and
    • $100
    whichever is the lesser amount.

  1. Can anyone bid? 
  2. A Buyer may not bid at Auctions or submit offers to purchase Goods unless the Buyer is a Registered Buyer under clauses 36-40

  1. Queries regarding privacy can be sent to?
  2. Direct to K&S Auction’s privacy officer, PO Box 57, Laverton, Victoria 3028 or at


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